Get the most out of your dental insurance
Get the most out of your dental insurance

As we all know, dental treatment can be very costly, so as the end of the year approaches it is a good time to assess if you are maximising your dental insurance policy and making the most of this year’s claim benefits.

baby teeth
What to expect of baby teeth

“Mummy, my tooth is wiggly!”… You will hear these words, typically when your child is between five to seven years of age, although four is still considered within the normal range.

effects of oral bacteria
What’s living in my mouth?

What’s living in my mouth? Like a lot of other people, I have been ridden by a sore throat and flu like symptoms this week, so while lying in bed recuperating, I have been reading up on the little organisms that seem to be having a rave party in my mouth!

Refer a friend
Smile and your friends smile too!

Refer a friend and be rewarded with $10 credit towards your next appointment. We’re always trying to make you smile, and we know you like to see your friends smile too. So spread the word!