What’s living in my mouth?

What’s living in my mouth? Like a lot of other people, I have been ridden by a sore throat and flu like symptoms this week, so while lying in bed recuperating, I have been reading up on the little organisms that seem to be having a rave party in my mouth!

Apparently I have whole colonies of microorganisms in residency, some friendly and others not so—such as the ones I seem to have a whole gob full of at the moment.

One of the most common oral bacteria is from the Streptococcus mutans group. These lot are really good at living in the oral environment and are feeding on the sugars and starches I eat. Hmm… so seems like I’ve been having uninvited guests for dinner!

My only solace….. I’m not alone, it’s happening to everyone.

I’ve heard of these little guys before. You hear about them a lot when you work in a dental surgery. These little critters have ravenous appetites and produce enamel-eroding acids and are therefore the main cause of tooth decay, with the acid leading to cavities and demineralisation of teeth.

Well, they’re about to go on a diet. Only 3 meals a day from now on for you guys, you’re not sharing my cakes and lollies.

Another bacteria, commonly known by dentists and oral hygienists is Porphyromonas gingivalis. These fellas are linked to periodontal disease, which effects the tissues and the alveolar bone that supports the teeth. Let them loose and you can end up with serious dental pain and when they’re on a rampage, tooth loss.

Well here’s some good news, apparently periodontal disease is not contagious. But wait …. “Bacteria that lead to gum disease can pass through saliva. If your mouth is not healthy, you increase your risk through repeated and prolonged exposure to someone with periodontal disease.”

Okay, I’ve read enough. Out with the old toothbrush and in with a new. I’m brushing these guys away! Oh, and I’m flossing, because I just know they’re trying to hide in the unseen places there, between my teeth and gumline. Some mouthwash too, that’s got to help.

Oh, and I’m definitely not kissing any dirty mouths!