What to expect of baby teeth

“Mummy, my tooth is wiggly!”… You will hear these words, typically when your child is between five to seven years of age, although four is still considered within the normal range.

A child may lose a tooth early due to a fall, trauma or decay. Certain special needs children can follow different patterns, for example children with Down Syndrome usually lose baby teeth later.

A child’s 20 baby teeth, which typically come in by age 3, usually fall out in the order in which they came in. Firstly the two bottom centre teeth go, then the two top centre teeth, followed by the next two on either side of the bottom jaw, and finally, the two on the top jaw. Normally, only these first eight teeth fall out by the age of seven or eight. The rest of your child’s teeth don’t fall out until around the ages of ten to twelve.

Baby teeth need to fall out to allow the permanent teeth to grow. Should your child not lose any teeth before reaching 7 or 8 you may want to have a dental x-ray done to confirm everything is okay. Occasionally, extra teeth in the bone can prevent the adult teeth from pushing out the baby teeth.

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